About Living the Classical Life

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing back into classical music the human dimension lost in an ever more commercialized and dehumanized music business.

Living the Classical Life is an ongoing series of filmed interviews as well as intimate, one-of-a-kind performances hosted by Zsolt Bognár. Its goal is to educate viewers so that they can experience music again as speaking directly from the heart to the heart.

The episodes focus on the inner world of classical musicians and the essence of music itself. Performers at various stages of their careers generously share what Living the Classical Life is about—its passions, fears, obstacles, and its rewards. The intense, very personal exchange between host Zsolt Bognár and his guests is itself a real-time model for Living the Classical Life. Each episode has its own individual trajectory and its own intellectual, emotional, and visual flavor, created by Elyria Pictures, NYC, our highly professional, artistic, and passionately engaged team.

Any viewer, whether music critic, opera fan, or occasional concertgoer, will enjoy these new, exciting insights into the heart of classical music. In a first encounter with a seemingly daunting, closed world, the experience of its humanity is nothing short of transformative.

LTCL Board Members

Jutta Ittner, President

Peter Hobbs, Vice President

Nate Johnson, Treasurer

Jonathan Eifert, Secretary